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Tueni Fellow Rima Merhi:
Events 2009-2010

October 22, 2009    “The Price of Democracy in Lebanon: Reflections and Human Rights Concerns”

Co-sponsored by the Middle East Initiative at Harvard

Rima presented an overview of political events and human rights violations that occurred in Lebanon following the assassination of Premier Hariri in February 2005. Event was moderated by Loubna Freih, Founding director of Human Rights watch, Geneva.
  • Documentary about the life of G. Tueni  was played
Supplementary Materials:
  • Middle East Institute: “Lebanon is not two camps” By Rima Merhi (March 2008)
  • Annahar: “A Journey with Gibran to bring expatriates back home” By Rima Merhi (December 2010) Published in Arabic. (English version)
October 23, 2009   

“The Goldstone Report: Should Israel and Hamas be investigated for war crimes?”

Co-sponsored by the Middle East Initiative at Harvard

Seminar with Rami G. Khouri; Senior Fellow, Dubai Initiative; Director of Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy (AUB); syndicated columnist and editor at large of the Daily Star.

January 20, 2010

   “Why they died. Investigating Violations of Humanitarian Law During the July 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah.”

Co-sponsored by Hauser Center for Non Profit Organizations

Seminar with Nadim Houry, senior researcher and Beirut Director for Human Rights Watch, moderated by Loubna Freih, Founder of Human Rights Watch in Geneva

Supplementary Materials:
April 9, 2010    “Hope for a desperate Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon”

Co-sponsored by Center for International Development at Harvard

Rima gave a presentation about the plight of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon today, and made recommendations for a plan forward. The event was moderated by a distinguished scholar, Dr. Elaine Hagopian, who invited Rima for an interview on the Arabic Hour after the presentation at Harvard.

Supplementary Materials:
  • Video: Arabic Hour interview with Rima Merhi: Lebanese politics & refugees
April 28, 2010    “The Druze Minority and Challenge of Survival in Modern Times”

Co-sponsored by Middle East Initiative at Harvard

Dr Anis Obeid, author of Druze and their faith in Tawhid, and founding member and past chairman of American Druze Foundation gave a talk about the challenges facing the Druze minority today. Event was moderated by G. Tueni fellow, Rima Merhi.

Supplementary Materials:
  • Video: not yet available

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